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What is Eitz Echad?

Our name "Eitz Echad" is taken from the passage of the two sticks in Ezekiel 37. In this passage Hashem (G-d) instructs Ezekiel to take 2 sticks. 1 stick (Eitz) for Yehudah and 1 stick (Eitz) for Yosef / Efrayim. He then speaks that they will become one (Echad) in His hand. Judah is undeniably the Jewish people, but many people speculate as to who Efrayim is today. Regardless of the different beliefs we recognize the ongoing events that are happening with the return of lots of groups to Israel and different movements, whether the Ethiopian Jews that have been called the lost tribe of Dan or the Benei Anusim (descendants from the Spanish Inquisition). We see the necessity to help bring the light of Torah to the whole world and we believe ultimately that Hashem will bring unity to mankind. We know navigating the religious world is not easy. We are here for everyone and our hope is to extend a branch to anyone. If you feel inclined to reach out to us, feel free to contact us. 

Our main focus includes:
Sephardic Judaism
Conversos / Benei Anusim
New converts to Judaism
Questions about Judaism
Overcoming Anti-semitism

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